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Transition from Nonspecific to Specific DNA Interactions along the Substrate-Recognition Pathway of Dam Methyltransferase
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Cheng، Xiaodong نويسنده , , Horton، John R. نويسنده , , Liebert، Kirsten نويسنده , , Hattman، Stanley نويسنده , , Jeltsch، Albert نويسنده ,
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هفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2005
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DNA methyltransferases methylate target bases within specific nucleotide sequences. Three structures are described for bacteriophage T4 DNA-adenine methyltransferase (T4Dam) in ternary complexes with partially and fully specific DNA and a methyl-donor analog. We also report the effects of substitutions in the related Escherichia coli DNA methyltransferase (EcoDam), altering residues corresponding to those involved in specific interaction with the canonical GATC target sequence in T4Dam. We have identified two types of proteinDNA interactions: discriminatory contacts, which stabilize the transition state and accelerate methylation of the cognate site, and antidiscriminatory contacts, which do not significantly affect methylation of the cognate site but disfavor activity at noncognate sites. These structures illustrate the transition in enzyme-DNA interaction from nonspecific to specific interaction, suggesting that there is a temporal order for formation of specific contacts.
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DIGLYPHUS ISAEA , Liriomyza trifolii , Biological control , Abamectin compatibility , Greenhouse , IPM
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